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King’s Club, Saint-Moritz


King’s club is one of Saint-Moritz’s most famous nightclubs, and also holds the crown for the oldest and most legendary discotheque in Switzerland.

″You have not experienced Saint-Moritz’s nightlife util you’ve experienced the exhilarating hype of King’s Club”.

King’s Club

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King’s Club is located within the basement area of the luxurious five-star Badrutt’s Palace Hotel and attracts party-hungry guests during the exclusive winter season. Nightlife follows different rules in Saint-Moritz, as the concept of closing hours does not exist for King’s Club. When all the other lights are gone out, guests can indefinitely party all night in this stunning Saint-Moritz nightlife destination.

King’s Club exudes a buzzing and vivacious atmosphere, where the decor is designed with glistening neon-lit disco balls and a stunning wooden dance floor. With a capacity to hold 200 exclusive guest, Kings Club is the perfect haven for stars and starlets to gather and dance the night away. Guests are treated to diverse and eclectic music, all-night champagne parties, glamorous themed evenings and world renowned guest DJs. King’s Club’s sole purpose is to please, and allows exclusive guests to truly experience Saint-Moritz’s incredible nightlife, especially without a curfew.

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