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Kan Eang@Pier, Phuket


Located in Chalong, Kan Eang@Pier is a notoriously good seafood restaurant situated in tranquil, secluded, and beautiful surroundings on the east coast of the island.

A favourite amongst locals and visitors from around the world, the restaurant provides some of the island’s freshest seafood from the daily catch. Diners enjoy the delectable cuisine alongside a combination of traditional architecture and contemporary chic décor. Kan Eang@Pier is renowned for its incomparable ambience and professional customer service; all of which are a testament to its reputation based on the top quality produce it offers.

Kan Eang@Pier

  • Kan Eang@Pier
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The delightful menu includes Andaman favourites such as lobster, tiger prawns, king prawns, cuttlefish, crab and oysters, all grilled over coconut husks. This gives the food a smoked flavour and sweet aroma that guests may or may not be familiar with. Either way, they can expect to enjoy a unique culinary experience here at Kan Eang.

The restaurant is large, elegant and inviting with natural light flooding the venue, decorated with elegant wood fixtures. Indoor diners are seated in three tastefully assembled salas, as well as two open-sided salas with thatched roofs. The outdoor terrace stretches along Chalong Bay and can guests enjoy panoramic views of the pier, the yacht harbour, and nearby islands while they dine.

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