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Kaden Minokichi, Beijing


Beijing’s Kaden Minokichi is the only Kyoto Cuisine location outside of Japan itself, continuing the cultural and artistic tradition which began almost 300 years ago serving emperors in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. The restaurant within Pangu 7 Star Hotel provides guests with set kaiseki menus in six private tatami rooms.

Minokichi in Japanese signifies ‘Beautiful, Deeply, Happy,’ reflecting Kyoto Cuisine’s principles of cultural preservation ’emotional satisfaction over material things’.

Kaden Minokichi

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Kyoto Cuisine gives customers an authentic taste of traditional Japan, maintaining privacy and exclusivity with six private VIP Suites which cater to 38 diners. All ingredients, chefs and staff derive from the Far-Eastern country, as does the interior design, with sunken tables and large pictures window reminiscent of simplistic Zen décor.

Besides kimono-clad waitresses, guests in the Lanshan Suite can also enjoy the spectacular view of the Pangu Plaza, home to open-air performances of Japanese song and dance. Due to the restaurant’s high popularity and exclusivity, prospective diners should make reservations to avoid disappointment.

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