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Representing Your Interests

Owning a private jet can prove to be a complex transaction nonetheless the benefits of purchasing your own private aircraft are immense.

GC Privé can assist at all stages of the transaction process from intelligent market research to buyer representation and transaction execution.

At GC Privé, we focus on providing impartial and factual intelligence on the acquisition, disposal and management of private jets across the globe.

We guide our clients through the complex acquisition and management process of private jets and are directly involved at all stages of the transaction cycle.

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Jet Acquisition

As an independent private office, we provide honest and transparent advice backed up by rigorous and sound market analysis. We ensure that you take informed decisions by capturing all available market information, directing extensive enquiries and locating the exact aircraft that matches your specific requirements.

Through our global partner network we constantly provide access to the elite of aircraft dealers as well as off-market opportunities. Our market credentials allow us to be knowledgeable on new confidential prospects thus maximising the opportunities for a high return on your investment.

We are committed in representing our clients’ interests throughout the transaction cycle with integrity, honesty and transparency.

New Model

GC Privé has access to new jets for sale from leading manufacturers like Gulfstream, Dassault, Embraer, Cessna and Learjet. Through our sourcing of new private jets, clients benefit from faster delivery times, than ordering a new jet from the manufacturer at the first instance.

Transferring ownership of new jets is possible, since the contract on the majority of cases is fully assignable to a new owner prior to the agreed delivery date by the manufacturer as marked on the initial contract.

Depending on the contract’s transfer timing, then the jet’s interior (including forward cabin, conference grouping, aft galley & lavatory, as well as, the overall design) may also be possible to be reconfigured and customised to your own specifications prior to the original delivery time.

Aircraft Management

Through GC Privé you can realise a rewarding management scheme for your private jet with impartial advice from our expert aviation consultants. You can expect a top-notch service in terms of implementing the aircraft manufacturer’s maintenance programme and addressing the applicable regulatory and strict safety standards. Furthermore you have the option to create a charter income stream, while achieving lower costs and greater efficiency for your private jet by coordinating a more productive aircraft operation should you wish to charter your jet.

Cost Control: By joining one of our recommended fleet management services you will be able to procure fuel cards from the major global suppliers and fuel brokers whilst benefit from bulk discounts of up to 15% on fuel prices. You will also benefit from favourable insurance premiums with typical savings of 20% being realised through a fleet management provider. Finally, you can monitor all income and expenses through an efficient online reporting system and attain peace of mind with a centralised invoice process.

Ground Services: Experience the very best of Fixed-base Operation (FBO) services through our network of fixed-based operators in private airports across the world. With GC Privé you can indulge in the luxury of the most exclusive private lounges, fully equipped with business facilities, quality catering and close protection. You can expect a top notch service, including but not limited to limousine hire, hotel accommodation bookings and entertainment planning at the most luxurious venues at your destination.

Cabotage & Hangarage: Through our global network you can access an array of specialised aviation services such as issuing pre-clearance, cabotage certification and hangarage services for your private jet. GC Privé helps you save time and money by benefiting from a single point of contact to organise common aviation tasks such as fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance and flight instruction.

Crew Search: GC Privé is in the ideal position to help you locate the most skilful, meticulous and friendly crew members that would be best suited to join your private jet team, including pilots and flight attendant personnel. Through the GC Privé Partner Network ™ we can capitalise on our extensive reach to scout for the finest personnel as well as handling the recruitment process on your behalf in the most professional and discrete manner.

Refit: GC Privé can assist you plan the refit of your private jet to the highest standards by recommending and providing access to the finest exterior & interior designers that match your exact budget and requirements. Through our widely recognized GC Privé Partner Network™ you can be reassured that you are always connected to the leading professionals in the field with vast experience on renovating private jets based on rigorous safety requirements.

Marketing: We offer a bespoke marketing service to owners of private jets who wish to create a brand identity of their aircraft, enter the private jet charter market worldwide or dispose their jets. Our service includes the preparation of sophisticated brochures, photography and videography, as well as, locating potential charterers and buyers through our established clientele of ultra-high net worth individuals and families.