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Japanase Damascus Stainless Steel: Tsuki Knives That Are A Cut Above

For those who fancy themselves as a wannabe Heston, Gordon or budding Nigella, a professional Japanese Damascus stainless steel knife set – made from the same material as a samurai sword – is the ideal addition to any foodies’ kitchen!

Having the right tools to cut, carve and chop foods to create all manner of delicious dishes is key, and the Tsuki 5 Piece Knife Set and Wallet from Nisbets comprises a selection of high quality classic kitchen knives to suit a wide range of different food preparations. Using the 6.5½” Cleaver, 8” Chef Knife, 7” Santoku Knife, 5” Utility Knife or 3.5½” Paring Knife you can slice and dice to your heart’s content!

Manufactured using Japanese VG-10 stainless steel, these stylish kitchen knives feature a core hardened 60° Rockwell rating to ensure a greater cutting performance for longer. To protect against corrosion, two layers of attractive Damask steel cover the stainless steel core. Each layer has been “folded” sixty four times, giving the knives a distinctive “grain”. It is thanks to the high carbon Damascus steel blade that the knives maintain their sharp edge.

The knives’ black mikarta-handles are made from ergonomic composite fabric and resin, which not only provides excellent grip and makes the knives more comfortable to hold, but helps prevent contamination from any bacteria too. With a knife to accommodate any food prep task – from the most delicate and intricate presentation, to the more robust task of boning meat – you can be sure that the Tsuki knife set will be well used.

To complete the Set, each of the knives can be kept safely in a black, roll case knife wallet. The nylon wallet includes 13 compartments, and is wipe clean to protect against any kitchen spills.


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