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Jaguar C-X75 Hybrid Supercar – The ultimate expression of design


Project C-X75 will be the ultimate expression of Jaguar design and engineering innovation. This high-performance hybrid supercar will stay true to the initial concept design study, while fulfilling requirements that allow it to be homologated for road use.

“We were always determined that the Project Jaguar C-X75 would be as striking on the road as it was in concept form,” said Jaguar’s design director Ian Callum. “This will be one of the finest looking Jaguar’s ever produced. We have to make changes to bring this car to the market, but I know it will retain all the visual impact of the original concept car.”

Project C-X75 was conceived to celebrate 75 years of Jaguar. It is set to become one of the most advanced supercars in the world. The simple tubular fuselage exterior shape has been retained from the concept car. Project C-X75 achieves its unique shape without sacrificing aerodynamic efficiency.

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This direct technology transfer between elite motorsport and road-going production cars is key to Project C-X75’s success. The supercar’s chassis will be made of carbon-fibre to create an incredibly lightweight, yet rigidly strong structure.

Aiding the transition from concept to production vehicle is the choice of powertrain. While Jaguar continues to develop the use of micro-turbines, as shown in the concept version, the road-going Project C-X75 will use a state-of-the-art highly boosted internal combustion engine that is designed and built for the toughest test possible – the world of Formula One.

Project C-X75 will incorporate a battery Kinetic Energy Regeneration System (KERS), developed in Formula One and now adapted for production vehicles. This will make Project C-X75 a bona fide hybrid supercar capable of silent electric running with an extensive range in excess of 50km.


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