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IX Nove Cannes


Named XI, or nine in numerology, after the symbol’s association with “completeness”, the restaurant is decorated with contemporary, simplistic fixtures, and offers guests a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of Cannes city centre.

Located five minutes from the Promenade de la Croisette in the vibrant French city of Cannes, IX Nove is a traditional Italian restaurant known for its ambience, exquisite gastronomy, and immaculately high standards.

Led by head chef Rino Callazzo, whose philosophy is “go back to basics and remember that food is delicious and healthy”, the successful restaurant has opened its doors to many prestigious customers.

IX Nove

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With a “modern point of view of Italian gastronomy” guests can enjoy a selection of dishes created using freshly sourced ingredients and produce. With a menu that is dependable on the season, guests sample the best of what the restaurant has to offer on any given visit.

In addition to the indoor tables, there is also the opportunity to dine in the beautiful French sunshine on the outdoor terrace. With a fine selection of champagnes, cocktails, wines, and appetisers, the restaurant welcomes everyone from those who wish to experience a complete dining service, to those who wish to enjoy a moments rest with a beverage.

Valuing customer service as a high priority, floor manager Florent Weil ensures that both first time and returning guests receive sublime hospitality.

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