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Introducing Wrightson & Platt: Bespoke British Luxury

Throughout history, people have sought to capture memories and events in a whole host of innovative ways. Leaders in the world of life cast sculpture and bespoke luxury gifts, Wrightson & Platt have developed a unique and very creative way to preserve special occasions through artistic commissions that combine sculpture and sentiment.

Passionate about art in all forms and inspired by the carvings commissioned by Queen Victoria of her own children, Denise Wrightson and Vicky Platt followed their dream by founding Wrightson & Platt in 1999. Bringing together the finest artisans, they have formed an Atelier with a workshop and specialist foundry nestled in South London.

Each commission is completely custom crafted and evocative of the client’s own experience, emotion or event. Wrightson & Platt start with a private consultation to clearly establish their brief and determine in detail how this can be translated into a personal work of art. The team then work closely with their clients to faithfully and meticulously cast their concept, moment or memory into a finished piece.

Wrightson & Platt capture momentous occasions such as births, weddings and anniversaries for their loyal customers worldwide such as Jessica and Tara Getty, Stella McCartney and the Royal families of The Middle East.

Included in the range are exclusive British crafted products such as contemporary silverware, jewellery and memory boxes. Alongside the sculpture, these beautiful objects are the ultimate solution for celebrating special times and memories.

From a newborn baby’s feet cast in silver to a bronze portrait or intricate hand engraved jewellery, Wrightson & Platt is constantly evolving its techniques and tools to ensure every client receives a piece of meaningful luxury combined with the finest level of service and creative support. With the finished creation monitored and perfected at each stage to ensure it is flawless and exact, the result is a truly exceptional piece of art that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.


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