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Il Pescatore Restaurant, Porto Cervo


Priding itself as the only pieds dans l’eau eatery on the Emerald Coast of Porto Cervo, Il Pescatore Restaurant at Cervo Hotel treats diners to fresh seafood accompanied with spectacular coastline vistas.

The Traditional Sardinian Cuisine menu features the likes of fregula pasta puréed with scorpion fish, Sardinian bottarga and dried tomato, and sautéed cockerel scented with myrtle and bran & chickpea pie. Further culinary exuberance is found in the Gran Carte; raw seafood plateau served on crushed ice and delicious spiny lobster risotto being the most decadent on the list.

Il Pescatore Restaurant

  • Il Pescatore Restaurant
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The Mediterranean sea breeze provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy some of Sardinia’s authentic dishes with a gourmet twist. The charm of the surroundings is typical of the laid back atmosphere around this resort; relax with a glass or two of wine whilst marvelling in the tranquillity of the Italian paradise.

Since 2009, Chef Luca Depalo has been serving up Sardinian culinary heritage using the freshest ingredients. As Maurizio Immacolato, Food & Beverage Manager at Cervo Hotel articulates, “Our discerning international clientèle desire to experience Sardinia’s natural beauty but also discover island culture through the its unique flavours.”

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