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Il Pagliaccio, Rome


Located on the Via dei Banchi Vecchi, and within close proximity to the Pantheon and River Tiber, Il Pagliaccio invites guests to experience a fusion of flavours and some of the most creative and innovative cuisine Rome has to offer.

Since opening in 2003, Il Pagliaccio has been rewarded two Michelin stars and has received some of the best restaurant reviews written to date. Using only the finest ingredients, renowned chefs, Anthony Genovese and Francesco di Lorenzo, deliver a standard of food that truly is “out of this world”.

il Pagliaccio

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At the end of the meal one can treat themselves to a delicious pastry by Marion Lichtle. Each and every pastry is delicately crafted to create an explosion of flavor and colour.

The chic restaurant interior further complements the outstanding cuisine. Special mention must be given to the charismatic wine cellar, which boasts an impressive collection of wines spanning many continents. Under the supervision of Restaurant manager, Genarro Buono, an experienced sommelier, each guest is personally served in a professional and efficient manner.

Attention to detail is one of many goals of the clown. Using a variety of spices and ingredients, each dish is brought to life through shape and colour… the clown truly is a circus of flavours.

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