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Hus Gallery Knightsbridge, Johan Van Mullem’s Les Mouvements de L’Âme

Johan Van Mullem’s oeuvre is characterized almost entirely by portraiture. His works feature surreal depictions of the subjects’ innate desires and feelings rather than portraying a physical similitude. Van Mullem finds beauty in human experience, in the lines that develop with age or the depth of eyes that have seen something they will never forget. These works are visual representations of the artist’s nostalgic desires and childhood apparitions, typified by strong subversive and imaginative elements as well as a bold handling of paint. Van Mullem’s concern is with artistic technique and individual emotion above all.

The current series, Les Mouvements de L’Âme (Movements of the Soul), is a series which describes Van Mullem’s artistic vision on the most fundamental level, and in fact led to him showing his work publicly for the first time. The haunting power of the works in this series finds thematic similarities to the work of William Blake and Francisco Goya, artists both known for their attraction to the inner workings of the

However, Van Mullem is fiercely independent, claiming no real influence or knowledge of the cultural significance of art history as a whole, instead viewing art as an extension of the self, or rather of himself. Van Mullem’s work is impressively sincere, and is clearly a testament of his rather tumultuous artistic and personal growth.

Van Mullem has exploded on the contemporary art scene, and with prices rising up to £65,000.00.



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