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Homes at a fourth generation Green Technology & Innovation

2012 sees HUF HAUS celebrate its 100th year anniversary, two years since the launch of its ground breaking HUF HAUS green[r]evolution design. Today HUF HAUS remains at the forefront of green technology and innovation with its unique collection of stunning energy efficient homes.

The HUF HAUS design benefits from revolutionary technology which drastically reduces the energy requirements of each house. Over the past 100 years, HUF HAUS creators have continually refined and developed the intelligence behind the design of its bespoke timber and glass houses, while remaining careful to preserve the distinctive and unique visual appearance.

The HUF HAUS green[r]evolution achieves groundbreaking low levels of energy consumption. The reductions are the result of revolutionary design and engineering innovations from the company, which include the following advances:
•All timber-framed elements of the houses are fitted with a highly efficient layer of heat insulation
•The exterior wall thickness has been increased and the materials used chosen to achieve the highest levels of heat insulation
•The glass panels are made of quality-controlled argon gas filled triple-glazing (U-Value of 0.6 W/sqm*K)

The design details compliment and strengthen the traditional features ensuring that the unmistakably clean, sleek lines of the classic, award-winning post-and-beam architecture are retained, without compromise.


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