Our Offering

At GC Privé we strongly believe that our clients’ health exceeds any material wealth. This is why we have partnered with the world’s leading independent personal health advisors to take care of your healthcare challenges and develop your healthy living. We work closely with our clients to conduct independent and unbiased research on their behalf and provide impartial advice on their health needs.

Complementing our holistic approach to our clients’ health is the professional network of expert consultants in diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise, genetics and health optimization, delivering tangible results anywhere in the world, anytime of day or night.

Our Coverage

Thanks to our links with a large network of specialists, we provide access to top specialists and medical centres across the globe ranging from cosmetic surgery to treatments of complex conditions and medical issues.

At GC Privé over the years, we have established strong relationships with some of the finest specialists across the globe, in particular, Independent Practitioners at London’s Harley Street, specialised medical establishments in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as, practitioners in Boston and New York. GC Privé provides specialist consultations such as:

- Breast Surgeon
- Cardiologist
- Cosmetic Surgeon
- Endocrinologist
- Gastroenterologist
- General Surgeon
- Neurologist
- Ophthalmologist
- Orthopaedic Surgeon
- Physiotherapist
- Urologist

Healthy living is geared toward improving your health and quality of life. We understand that the journey to wellness is personal. Your family history, your likes and dislikes, your strengths, and your quirks are all your own. You need a wellness programme that is all your own too.

Our wellness coaching not only aims to diagnose existing conditions, it also enables us to evaluate key risk factors and develop a preventive strategy specifically tailored to your lifestyle. Having an understanding of your strengths, your preferences and your unique challenges allows your wellness coach to better guide your future health goals. Our experienced doctors will interpret all examination results. Any further tests or treatment will be arranged quickly and conveniently thanks to our links with a large network of specialists.

We recognize that the real work begins once you return home and settle into your own environment. Former unhealthy habits may become tempting distractions. However, you have chosen to be on this journey for a lifetime, so the support your wellness coach offered on-site does not end here but we provide you with an ongoing support as you work to implement your individualized wellness plan.Individual consultations are available and conducted by our independent medical practitioners.

Rejuvenate experiences offer an array of esthetic treatments and integrative therapies designed to enhance quality of life.Relax with a soothing massage. Refresh with a therapeutic skin treatment. Quiet your mind in our spa lounge or end your day on our outdoor patio terrace. Rejuvenate experiences at GC Privé embodies the essence of wellness, where you are invited to experience renewal of mind, body and spirit.

All services are delivered by licensed and certified professionals with extensive experience in esthetics and massage, and an appreciation for the connection between external care for the body and overall wellness.

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