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Hawksmoor, Air Street


With restaurants in operation in Spitafields, Sevendials and Guildhall, Hawksmoor is fast becoming the place eat in London. The chain was awarded a three star “Sunday Times Best Companies 2012 Award”, which saw them named the top restaurant in the UK to be employed by.

Their firm focus on ethics and quality has lead to the company boasting an unrivaled atmosphere. All employees are encouraged to wear their own clothes and be an individual, adding to the exciting collective mood that results in highly trained professional yet personable staff serving high quality ethically produced food.

Hawksmoor Air Street

  • Hawksmoor Air Street
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  • +44 20 7406 3980

Satisfying the needs of London’s high flyers, Hawksmoor has built a reputation on serving generous, carnivorous portions with a twist. Over one hundred accountants have also taken advantage of the restaurants desire to mix work and pleasure, eating breakfast whilst watching pie charts on the big screen. Expect enormous meat platter breakfasts and delectable steaks and sea-food, all served up by their kitchen of world renowned chefs.

With a firm focus on exceptional food from exceptional places, Hawksmoors new flagship store promises to be an experience not to be missed; an ethically driven company concerned with sourcing the finest foods and bringing them to your plate in exceptional British style.

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