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Hasselblad Lunar – A great challenge reinterpreting a unique style

Hasselblad has entrusted to Lunar the difficult but fascinating task of reinterpreting the appeal of a myth: the legendary 500C of 1957, the first camera to go into space. A camera that, starting from that moment, has become an object of desire for every photographer around the world.

Thanks to this camera some of the most evocative and iconic images of our time have been captured. Today Lunar revives the timeless charm of the 500 through the iconic chrome-plated frame, made smooth and sinuous by the total absence of edges. Even the contrast in colour between the camera body, the lens, and the protruding control buttons, is faithfully reproduced to offer an evocative vintage look with a decisively elegant appeal.

Hasselblad says, “the quest for perfection has been our brand’s mark of distinction since its origin. Our goal is to always attain the best product, even when this means going back to past techniques. A large number of wooden prototypes were crafted in order to create Lunar. Compared to the usual product design based on 3D software models, the use of prototypes ensures a more harmonious and ergonomic development of shapes. The outcome can now be seen by everyone.”

Careful and meticulous engineering research has led to the creation of an unprecedented camera. The perfect calibration of its body makes it possible for Lunar to support both compact and professional DSLR’s lenses while always ensuring excellent balance.

The relationship between user and camera is completely personalised thanks to the possibility to choose the favourite material of the handgrip. Anyone who has the pleasure of laying their hands on a Lunar has access to a sensory experience made of comfort, warmth and perfect grip. An almost magnetic effect that causes irresistible attraction.

A perfect union between camera and man has been accomplished.



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