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Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure Speakers, 18ct Gold Private cast

Hart Audio is producing special editions of the acclaimed D&W Aural Pleasure loudspeaker. The castings are limited to 99 pairs in bronze, five in Sterling silver and one pair in solid 18 carat gold using a private cast with the owners seal. Painstakingly exhaustive research and development has refined the D&W Aural Pleasure to perfection and as a result we consider it to be the best loudspeaker in the world.

The D&W Aural Pleasure is a unique loudspeaker that fuses the ancient art of bell-founding with state of the art acoustic technology to deliver a lucidity of sound that is simply breathtaking.

Hart Audio’s D&W Aural Pleasure is a diminutive but substantial loudspeaker. Each cabinet alone weighs 50 kilos before the drive units and stand is added. Castings are made for Hart by a British foundry that specialises in casting fine art sculptures. Its unique curvaceous shape is simply the result of a set of calculations both acoustic and physical.

Loudspeaker companies have long tussled with the untamed beast that is bass and have sought to find the most inert material to make a cabinet with. None have ever had the sheer audacity and nerve to use such a novel solution. The resulting innovation is a sound quality that is entirely unique and we believe unequaled. The bass is powerful yet dramatically clean and clear. The Aural Pleasure controls bass beautifully and gives the music a realism that no other speaker in the sound reproduction universe has ever achieved.

The D&W Aural Pleasure loudspeaker is supported on a single column stand with a flared base for stability. The column is hydraulically gas damped effectively floating the speaker on a bed of air.

Due to the massive amplification properties of the cabinet the D&W Aural Pleasure has three speaker drive units. The main driver which delivers midrange and bass has a high frequency unit at its center delivering the treble. Topping the system off is a super tweeter which extends the bandwidth of this all-embracing speaker to reveal the full potential of the latest high resolution audio formats.


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