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Harrods Estates


Harrods Estates, part of the exclusive Harrods group, is based in Brompton Road, London and was founded in 1897. We specialise in prime, residential properties in Central London and the Home Counties. We currently have two offices located in Knightsbridge and Mayfair which serve those areas.

In March 2013, we announced the opening of a new branch in Chelsea, which will extend our company’s presence and services across the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Set to open in late Spring 2013, the brand new office will be located in a prominent position on the Fulham Road and will offer market-leading expertise in the sale, letting, acquisition and management of luxury homes throughout the central London residential market.

Harrods Estates is unique compared to other agents due to the position we hold within the Harrods group. This enables us to provide a wealth of additional services, such as language interpreters from around the world, interior design services, property management, and even chartering an Air Harrods helicopter to view potential properties.

The Harrods brand has immediate recognition and Harrods is the luxury store of choice for purchasers from around the Middle East, where the company has a particularly strong client base. Our presence worldwide is large, with the majority of the Harrods Estates property market being International clientele.


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Julian Cook – Managing Director and General Manager Group Property – London
Shirley Humphrey – Director – London
Shaun Drummond – London Residential Sales Director – London
Leila Dyominova – London Residential Sales Russian and CIS Desk – London
Hassan Basma – London Residential Sales Middle East Desk – London
Nicholas Shaw – London Residential Sales Negotiator – London
Jenny Marwick – London Residential Sales Manager – London
Robert Cox – London Residential Sales Negotiator – London
Alexander Richards – London Residential Sales Negotiator – London
Karen Boland – London Residential Lettings Director – London
Katarina Rhodes – London Residential Lettings Director – London
Reem Dougramaji – London Residential Lettings Middle East Desk – London
Monica Kent – Property Manager – London
Robin Bogh-Henrikssen – London Residential Lettings Negotiator – London
Shirley Humphrey – Developments and International Promotions – London
Richard Stephenson – General Manager, Asset Management – London
Heidi Hampton – Associate Director (Services), Asset Management – London
Claire Malkinson – Associate Director (New Business), Asset Management – London
Mirella diChiara – Senior Estate Manager, Asset Management – London
Julie-Ann Balogun – Estate Manager, Asset Management – London
Husseyin Husseyin – Head of Client Accounting, Asset Management – London
Deborah Williamson – Credit Controller, Asset Management – London
Emma Thorne – Marketing Manager – London
Kimberley Cullum – Digital Marketing Executive – London
London Knightsbridge 82 Brompton Road, London, SW3 1ER +44 (0) 20 7225 6506
London Mayfair 61 Park Lane, London, W1K 1QF +44 (0) 20 7409 9001