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Handhuvaru Bar Kanahura, Maldives


This exotic Maldives bar is spacious, relaxing and welcoming. Furnished with inviting, cosy seating, Handhuvaru Bar boasts spectacular views and speciality drinks.

Situated opposite acclaimed Maldives restaurants, Handhuvaru Bar is nestled in a great location. The bar serves a selection of thirst quenching speciality drinks, including chilled smoothies enhanced with frozen fruit purees, and a huge array of speciality iced teas. For further refreshment, the bar is famous for its extensive cocktail selection, served by expert mixologists.

Handhuvaru Bar Kanahura

  • Handhuvaru Bar Kanahura
  • Reservations
  • +960 662 0044

With a menu catering for all-day dining, the bar offers everything from traditional dining, to the exotic fruits of the region, to fresh and locally caught sushi. Guests can recline in the bar’s easy chairs and enjoy a delightful Maldives sunset with cocktail and Cuban cigar in hand.

The evenings offer music and late night dancing, with a bubbling and exciting atmosphere. Guests can enjoy hookah pipes and cocktails as the sun goes down, followed by an evening of candlelight dancing to the live music the bar has to offer.

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