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Griffin’s Club, Geneva


Griffin’s Club is the second oldest club in Geneva, Switzerland. It boasts an exceptional location and a sultry sophisticated décor, making this a super chic nightlife destination for the exclusively rich, world famous figures and international celebrities.

Griffin’s club is strictly members only and is one of the trendiest nightlife spots in Geneva, described as simply “a place of dreams”.

Griffin’s Club is an ultra-cool and luxury restaurant/disco nightclub located in the heart of Geneva; just steps away from the Jardin Angalis, the décor is a combination of modern red and black, with a stunning collection of live plants and large paintings designed in the restaurant.

Griffin's Club

  • Griffin's Club
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The softly textured walls intensify this posh nightclub, filled with glamorous illuminated columns and sultry low-slung leather banquettes.

Griffin’s Club is renowned for providing trendy music and regularly hosts internationally notorious DJs to mix exclusive sets, perfect for guests to dance the night away. The bar is surrounded by a lounge and contemporary couches, where guests are treated to refreshing cocktails and a fine selection of beverages. Moreover, Griffin’s Club offer top quality food and the staff provides flawless service. This is truly the hotspot for celebrities and VIP guests in Geneva to indulge in the exclusive Swiss nightlife.

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