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Griboedov Bar, Saint-Petersburg


Griboedov Bar is an intimate and sophisticated venue consisting of only 20 seats, where the interior is adorned with sleek woods, shimmering golds and rich wood furnishings. Guests can enjoy a great wine and liquor selection in this ultra-chic Saint-Petersburg destination.

The glamorous Taleon Imperial Hotel hosts some of the finest venues in Saint-Petersburg, with Griboedov Bar proudly situated on the first floor. Be sure to come here and experience Russian opulence at its absolute best; allow yourself to be transported back in time to the height of Soviet power and be entertained in this decadent watering hole.

Griboedov Bar

  • Griboedov Bar
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  • +7 (812) 324 9911

Griboedov Bar was named after Alexander Griboedov, who was famous in Russian literature for his renowned work, the verse play Woe From Wit. Griboedov, a diplomat, lived on Bolshaya Morskaya and his initial postings were in Georgia. This rich history gives rise to a sumptuous venue where guests can relax and enjoy the company of their party in this highly exclusive setting. Ask the bar staff for their recommendations as to their extensive selection of whisky, and sip a few whilst smoking some top quality Cuban cigars. Treat yourself further by sampling some of the Georgian snacks on offer to complete the experience.

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