The Gresso company presents an exclusive Grand Monaco collection model, designed entirely in extravagant black color.

The new model is released in two editions: Pure Black Cayman with crocodile leather and Pure Black Carbon with Italian carbon leather.

The phone case is executed from high resistant and light titanium alloy. At the finale stage of the manufacturing the case is being covered with several high-tech ceramics layers.

For the first time in the Grand Monaco collection the numeral keyboard is set on the plate of black toned glass. The phone screen is also protected with 42 carat sapphire glass polished by hand with a diamond tool.

The keyboard of the device is crafted from surgical steel. The accurate and impeccable shape of every key button is created due to precision cutting technology.

The titanium PVD-surface coats the keyboard which makes it mirror- black and resistant to the mechanical damages.

The Gresso Pure Black Model has a limited production run of just 100 units and cost a cool $2,700 each.

The phone is available for sale at authorized Gresso dealers only and at online-boutique