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Google Unveil Their New Futuristic Glasses

Since the rebirth of 3D glasses a few years back now it hasn’t been surprising that more companies and business have tried to capitalize with the hot trend to earn a fair amount of money. However no one saw  the search engine mega giant ‘Google’ getting their hands in this market.

Named ‘Project Glasses’ a futuristic a reality glasses which allows you to interact with your day to day life schedules such as checking the weather and making plans sort of like an iPhone hands free. The video is just a demo of how the glasses might work if and when Google gets them into production, but it manages to be both impressive and realistic by extrapolating from the technology that we’re already seeing in use today.

It was said to be in the works back in February However of course there have been a few skeptical people out there James Westcott journalist for The Guardian suggests ‘there is a huge gap between the immersive experience that the video illustrates and the actual capability of AR glasses now or in the near future.’

For the most part it’s a very ground breaking idea even though it might not perform as advertised the very thought of it was something that couldn’t be fathomed becoming reality a few years ago. Watch this on action below!




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