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Glendower Preparatory School






Independent Preparatory School

4 — 11


87 Queen’s Gate, London SW7 5JX

Glendower is a happy school and a successful one, with an excellent record of 11+ Examination results. Places are offered to our pupils at all the prestigious secondary schools in London while some of the girls move on to renowned boarding schools. A number of scholarships are also awarded annually.

The curriculum at Glendower is strongly academic and at the same time, progressive. All girls learn computer skills and French is taught from the age of four. Around 90% of pupils learn an instrument. In addition, we are also a practical, “hands on” school where skills such as puppet making sit comfortably alongside soldering and other esoteric disciplines.

The performing arts are important here. Originality and talent are applauded and encouraged. Glendower has a very strong sporting tradition where girls learn the value and advantages of teamwork. The pupils are healthily competitive. At the same time they are also supportive of each other, with a great sense of fair play.

For the majority of girls at Glendower, social life revolves around school and extra-curricular clubs begin at the end of each school day. Glendower prepares young girls for the outside world by teaching them to be confident and capable. The School believes in courtesy, consideration and personal responsibility. They teac pupils to respect their fellow pupils, their school and the environment. Most of all Glencore teaches them to believe in themselves.

The school was started in 1895 by Miss Lloyd and Miss Cornwall at 103A Fulham Road. At that point the school, known as the Cornwall and Lloyd School, shared premises with Dunn and Co the hatters and The Sports Motor Car Co. At some point between 1902 and 1918, the school moved to 5 Glendower Road and changed its name to Glendower School. After 2 years in Glendower Road, the school relocated once more, this time to 25 – 27 Cromwell Road. The school remained at this site from 1920 until 1939 when the Second World War forced an evacuation to Devon. Glendower moved into 87 Queen’s Gate in 1947 where it has remained with some extension and expansion until the present day.

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  • Type: Independent Preparatory School
  • Ages: 4 — 11
  • Gender: Girls
  • Pupils: 210
  • Faith: Inter-denom

Source: Glendower Preparatory School.

The main point of entry to the school is at 4+ for Reception.

4+ Assessments:

Prospective pupils are invited to attend in groups of 6 or 7 for about 40 minutes to be observed interacting by three or four adults, during the latter part of January of the year in which they would start. Parents are not expected to be present at these sessions. The skills being sought are mainly social maturity and readiness to learn in a group situation. Cooperation, flexibility, a “can do” approach and facility with the English language are all highly regarded. We are also looking for numeracy skills, letter recognition and a basic ability to follow instructions.

Following these informal assessments, 36 places are offered for entry into Reception the following September. A short waiting list is kept in case of subsequent cancellation of a reserved place. There is a sibling policy and younger sisters are also invited to a short informal assessment and offers of a place are almost always made. Those who have been unsuccessful are invited to join the list for consideration for an occasional place.

Occasional places:

Waiting lists are kept at every age group in case a place should become available. Any girl applying will be invited to spend a day with the year group which she would join and will be tested on writing, comprehension and numeracy. She will also be observed in her social interaction with her peers.

Because of the short time in Year 6 before the 11+ examinations in January, it is unlikely that an occasional place which occurs at the end of Year 5 will be filled.

Girls at Glendower come from a range of backgrounds both in terms of academic ability and ethnicity. Most live within a small radius of the school. We have given an undertaking to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea that we will favour applicants from within the borough when making our offers of places at the school.

Term Fees 2012-2013:

Registration fee: £110.00
Reception to Form 6 £4,975 per term to include all stationery, lunches, milk or juice.
Ballet by arrangement with The Chelsea Ballet School.
Individual Music Lessons £200 per term (30) lessons spread over the year. By prior arrangement with the Director of Music.


The Trust has a bursary scheme in place to assist in situations of hardship. This is available both to current pupils, whose parents experience financial problems as well as to girls, whose parents would otherwise be unable to afford to pay the fees, in the local community. Further details can be obtained by speaking to the school bursar.

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