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Glamorous, brighter eyes with Karidis Non-Surgical, St John’s Wood

Bright Eyes is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for both men and women who want to eliminate the tell tale signs of ageing and get brighter eyes without going under the knife.

It is unique to the Karidis surgery and has been designed by combining elements such as the popular Accent MedSpa skin tightening treatment with collagen boosting red light therapy.

The radio frequency energy helps to firm and tone the skin around the eyes making them appear instantly rejuvenated and refreshed after just one treatment.

The whole Karidis team have been carefully selected for their knowledge and ability to understand each and every client’s need. The treatment itself is relaxing and feels just like a hot stone massage on the skin. Accent MedSpa is a skin tightening treatment which uses non-invasive radio frequency (RF) energy to give a smoother, firmer and more youthful appearance. This combined with collagen boosting red light therapy can help to remove any redness and dark-circles around the eye area.

Dr Alex Karidis himself has a career spanning over 18 years and offers a range of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. His work has been featured extensively on the Media and his expert opinions are constantly sought after.


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