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Give the gift of ‘good health’ with a full-body MOT at Preventicum

Christmas Presents

When Christmas comes, so does the inevitable dilemma of what to give your nearest and dearest – but this year, those facing a festive frenzy can give a gift that really counts: a full-body MOT at Preventicum.

The ‘Ultimate Check-Up’ at the 6-star Preventicum clinic makes for the perfect present. Rather than lying forgotten amidst a mass of wrapping paper, the rewards of this gift last a lifetime. Combining luxury service with advanced medical technology, the Check-Up allows access to leading doctors who oversee the most comprehensive health screen in the UK. By diagnosing any existing conditions and developing a preventive strategy specifically tailored to one’s lifestyle, the Check-Up helps the busy recipient find their fighting form for the future. After all, prevention is better than cure.

A Preventicum Check-Up combines the service and discretion of a boutique hotel with the very best in medical excellence including comprehensive x-ray free screening and expert counsel from doctors. Where necessary, a radiation-free MRI Colonoscopy can also be arranged.

At the state-of-the-art clinic in West London, friendly and professional staff ensure the process is as relaxing and unobtrusive as possible. Guests are given their own private room for the duration of the Check-Up, fully kitted out with television, internet and Wi-Fi – everything they need to stay in contact with the office or relax. They are also treated to a delicious lunch, with every aspect of the visit taken into account to ensure the health assessment is stress-free. A car service can even be arranged.

Each check-up is carefully tailored to meet the individual’s needs. The unique x-ray free MRI scan of key target areas is combined with an ECG, stress test, and ultrasound examinations, alongside detailed consultations that together ensure an in-depth and safe health assessment.

All results are fully explained and evaluated, including any appropriate lifestyle changes. A radiologist will even provide a virtual tour of your body, using the hundreds of images from your MRI scan, so that each guest goes away with a heightened understanding.

The ‘Ultimate Check-Up’ offers the most comprehensive programme of screening tests available in the UK, and all under one roof. Treat your loved ones to the Ultimate gift of good health this Christmas.

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