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Game Changer: How the English Premier League came to dominate the world

The Premier League has become a world class, global brand but with all its vast television revenues has still managed to create a footballing underclass. The current British football model appears to result in the rich getting richer at the expense of the fans. Once famous clubs like Rangers will increasingly struggle to keep pace with those funded by overseas cash. Turbulent times lie ahead.

Mihir Bose, Britain’s foremost football correspondent has followed every fascinating and gripping step in the Premier League roller coaster rise to international stardom. This mesmerizing journey involves high stakes, multi-million pounds deals, bungs, backhanders and the very future of the beautiful game.

Mihir specialises in the business of sport and was previously sports editor at BBC. He is a lead writer for, amongst others, The Daily Telegraph, and Evening Standard. The book, at times highly controversial, looks at how the Premier League needs to evolve to prosper in the face of the demands of top players, Euro crisis, recession, conflict with other governing bodies, racism and revolt from the terraces.


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