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Forthcoming Sotheby’s Auctions


Do you know your Château Petrus from your Château Cheval Blanc? If so, the finest and rarest wine auction at Sotheby’s in London on 9th of November may just be for you! Featuring lots containing some of the most sought-after wines available to buy, the auction is a great way to expand your collection. The sale features a case of the aforementioned Château Petrus straight from the collection of an anonymous continental wine connoisseur, as well as a selection of white and red burgundy and wines from Rhone, California and historic German wines donated by the Prum family.

If, however, wine is not your raison d’etre, you may be interested in the forthcoming Livres and Manuscrits auction in Paris also on  9th of November. With a collection of 70 books up for auction, covering the subject of the history of science and ideas, the lot includes works by Descartes and Pavlov as well as a manuscript on early photography signed by Niépce. The auction also includes literary masterpieces such as a first edition of Du Cote de chez Swann which was posted by Marcel Proust to his editor Bernard Grasset, as well as other notable literary works.

For more information on these and any other upcoming auctions at Sotheby’s, visit their website:


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