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For Sale, Lürssen Blind Date, 40.92M / 134Ft, Motor Yacht, Fast and Smooth

Blind Date

This stunning yacht is a combination of European pedigree and American interior design. Originally built in Germany for a European owner, it was superbly maintained and was even stored ashore under cover during the winter months.

Under new ownership, the interior of the yacht was completely rebuilt under the careful eye of designer Patrick Knowles and transformed to create the cool and calm ambiance which makes it rather special today. Blind Date is a fast sleek yacht with a top speed of 22 knots – its shallow draft grants you access to those quiet bays and coves inaccessible to many.

The deck areas, which experience has shown are an important feature of life on board a yacht, are superb and offer shaded areas as well as spots for sun lovers. Commercially registered and with a proven charter record, Blind Date is ideal as either a private or a charter yacht. The easy to-live-in interior and great deck spaces make this superyacht popular with all who step on board.

Blind Date is now offered for sale as the owner has taken delivery of his new larger yacht. Not available for inspection by US residents while in the USA.

  • Builder: Lürssen
  • Model: Blind Date
  • Type: Motor
  • Year: 1995
  • Length: 40.92M (134Ft)
  • Speed: 12.0Kn cruising, 14.0Kn maximum
  • Lifestyle: 8 guests
  • Design: Patrick Knowles
  • Features: Entertainment sound system, 1 x 32 feet Intrepid, 2 x Seadoos.
  • Price: USD 7,500,000; subject to contract

For over five generations and since 1875, Lürssen has been cultivating the most refined skills and advanced technologies to create truly outstanding vessels. And because our connection to ship building is as deep-rooted and individual as only family bonds can be, our commitment is deep, our approach individual.

As specialists in custom-built yachts, from concept to realisation and beyond, we consistently place the client at the centre. From under 60 metres to more than 150 metres in length. The yachts we develop hand-in-hand with customers and the world’s finest yacht designers span the full spectrum – graceful, bold, poetic, imposing, classic and innovative.

  • Builder: Lürssen
  • Model: Blind Date
  • Type: Motor
  • Year: 1995
  • Length: 40.92M (134Ft)
  • Beam: 8M (26.2Ft)
  • Draft: 2.3M (7.4Ft)
  • Speed: 12.0Kn cruising, 14.0Kn maximum
  • Displacement: Twin Screw Semi-Displacement
  • Engines: 2 x MTU diesel 16V396 TB94 3484 HP (rated at 2595 kW)
  • Construction: Aluminium hull and superstructure
  • Naval Architect: Lürssen
  • Exterior Designer: Jorg Beiderbeck
  • Interior Designer: Patrick Knowles

Source: Lürssen.

Layout and Deckplans


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