Football Experiences

Football Experiences

At GC Privé, we pride ourselves for providing exceptional football hospitality experiences for the select few. We meticulously craft bespoke packages inclusive of accommodation, transportation and security arrangements for discerning individuals, royalty and business leaders. Our fine attention to the minutest details and impeccable execution allows us to offer a level of service which is unrivaled.

Our esteemed black book of contacts and industry experience lets us provide VIP boxes and premium seats for sold out matches and special events. Whether you are looking for a world-class experience at a European League match and special tournaments such as the World Cup we are here to provide access to the inaccessible, every time.

Major Leagues:

  • – Spain | La Liga
  • – England | Premier League
  • – Germany | Bundesliga
  • – Italy | Serie A
  • – Netherlands | Eredivisie
  • – Brazil | Serie A
  • – France | Ligue 1
  • – Mexico | Liga MX
  • – USA | MLS


  • Premium Box Access
  • GC Privé Personal Hosts
  • Private Transport
  • Élite Accommodation
  • Exclusive City Tours
  • Personalised Itineraries
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