Automobiles | Fleet Management

Effective cost control

GC Privé Autos can provide recommendations on joining a supercar club fleet in order to benefit from lower costs and greater efficiency.

By joining a fleet you can maintain your supercar in the most effective manner, while our expert team coordinates your vehicle errands in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Moreover you can create a charter income stream on a selective basis and in accordance with your personal use of your supercar, by drawing from the success of our esteemed network of affiliates and partners.

Superior roadside assistance

GC Privé Autos can provide a personalised roadside assistance service plan, carefully designed to match your driving needs and track your vehicle in emergency situations around the globe.

Our expert network of service providers is continually monitored and ranked for response times, customer service and effectiveness.

Amongst other services you can choose to receive quality roadside assistance such as towing, flat tire assistance, battery jump start, fluid/fuel delivery, lock-out service and minor mechanical adjustments.

Supercar Tactics Training

If you are looking to master driving instinctively with superior skill and develop an understanding of the driving dynamics of high performance vehicles, GC Privé Autos can provide tailor-made specialist courses around the globe.

By learning the art of high performance control and tactics from the elite racing champions and F1 drivers, you can attain greater enjoyment and appreciation of your supercar as well as reacting safely and confidently in extreme circumstances.