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Ferrari 250 GTO sells for $35M Making It The Worlds Most Expensive Car

The old cliché says “you can’t put the price on happiness”,  but you can definitely  put a price on the Ferrari 250 GTO. Built for racing legend Sir Sterling Moss it was specifically molded for him but was personally unable to drive it due to facing career ending injuries in a crash on April 23, 1962, at Goodwood.

Although it was Goodwood to win the 100-lap Tourist Trophy, it’s life does seem to be missing something due to the fact it was never driven my it’s intended owner. So who would purchase a $35 million classic? car collector Craig McCaw to be exact. McCaw exchanged his millions with its previous owner, businessman Eric Heerema and the Ferrari 250 GTO was his which now makes it the most expensive car in the world. The previous owner Herman purchased the 250 ten years ago for $8.5 million so it really isn’t a bad profit he’s received. Who knows if in the next decade this Ferrari will have another owner perhaps McCaw might decide that this is where this classic automobiles journey ends.


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