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Connecting Generations

Every affluent family has a distinct way they work together to solve problems, achieve goals and relate to one another. And just as business culture is created by intentionality, so too is a family’s culture.

Positive family culture is cultivated through ritual traditions, household norms and global lifestyle. To achieve and maintain a positive family culture, it requires commitment in constantly planning your lifestyle and teaching the new generation.

Whether you are at the beginning of your family journey, find yourself at a milestone event or simply wish to maintain your family’s positive culture, we will support you with our experience and holistic service.

Our Coverage

Family Traditions

Traditions strengthen your family’s bonds, enrich the life you share together, contribute to your children’s well-being and create lasting memories. Traditions are the cornerstone of family culture. They provide cohesion to the nuclear family and connection to extended family.

Many family traditions have been passed down through multiple generations. Continuing them in your own family is a great way to teach your children about your family’s cultural and religious history, thus adding to their personal identity. If you are looking for inspiration coming up with traditions for your new family, your family history is a great place to mine for them.

At GC Privé we envisage, create and execute exceptional family milestone traditions for the most demanding occasions. With virtually an infinite pool of creative ideas at our disposal we plan for the unexpected and extravagant moments you will remember for a lifetime.

Whether it is a pass on cultural heritage, a lavish Great Gatsby inspired 1920’s theme party, or an impromptu excursion to a secluded island we create exceptional and remarkable family traditions connecting generations and creating lasting memories.

Private Household

Private household staff are the ambassadors of your family culture. We definitely know that it is the people that make the difference so if you are looking for household or estate staff, childcare staff or private chef and butler staff, personal assistant, executive driver and household manager we aim to deliver results by offering a uniquely personal service.

All of our candidates have been thoroughly interviewed face to face and every care has been taken. This is not just recruitment as in companies, this is recruitment inside your home and private residences, which, we recognise is totally different.

Our consultants possess a wealth of experience in domestic staff recruitment and have actually worked within private residences themselves. We would also be able to provide first class guidance and consultancy covering all aspects of your staffing requirements. We listen to your cultural needs and will only put forward candidates who match your criteria.

Home Relocation

At GC Privé we understand that our clients and their families are global citizens which requires living in multiple locations and perhaps relocating on a frequent basis. We are widely recognised for the highly personalised approach of our relocation consultations.

From the outset we will create a comprehensive plan for the entire family with regards to risks, rewards and key facts that need to be considered such as visa requirements, medical exams and taxes on shipped household items or vehicles. In fact, many of our clients will utilise our extensive research capabilities before they make the decision on their final destination.

Arranging business requirements and managing immigration applications, finding a new home and schools for the children, learning new traditions and creating a comfortable everyday life for the whole family are all aspects that we consider in our turnkey solution. We will constantly refining our findings based on our clients’ feedback and execute the agreed course of action in a diligent, efficient and confidential manner.