Family Office Concierge


  • Specialised Family Office Services

    GC Privé Wealth in association with GC Privé Concierge provides a highly bespoke concierge service which is designed to meet the requirements of family offices – both single family offices and multi-family offices.

    Our dedicated Family Office Concierge team consists of expert professionals with extensive experience who can respond to a wide range of requests around the clock at a short notice.

  • A Highly Bespoke Service

    Our scope of work is unique and cultivates to a specialised service that is second to none. Let our experts to assist you with researching the best schools in your chosen locales globally, arranging for your daily errands and private hospitality requirements, as well as, managing family celebrations and special events.

    Discreet, experienced and helpful, our team members are there to assist into the management of every family office.

  • Family Office Concierge Services Enquiries

    For further information contact our team of experts at GC Privé Wealth and GC Privé Concierge to discuss the possibilities and your preferences in confidence:

    T: +44 207 590 3022