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Network of Luxury Asset Specialists

Our network of luxury asset specialists have expertise in managing a wide range of luxury assets, including real estate, fine art, mega yachts, automobiles, private aircrafts and other personal property, collectibles, antiques and horses.

Monitoring and Administration

GC Privé Wealth relieves the burden of managing assets by taking on the responsibilities of monitoring and administration. As our clients’ families, lifestyles and priorities alter over time, we work with them to review and revise the way their luxury assets are managed.

A Wealth of Experience

Our network consists of the most prominent luxury asset specialists, who have a wealth of experience assisting individual and family office clients in the acquisition, ownership and use of luxury assets.

Our experts deal with the negotiation of contracts, financing tax, as well as, executive compensation pay related to personal use of these luxury assets and other relevant matters. We also advise on the manufacturing, construction, purchase, registration and operation of certain luxury assets in line with your family goals and budgeting priorities.