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F-Bar, Tokyo


Located in Azabu-Juban, Tokyo, F-Bar is a club and lounge sponsored by Fashion TV Japan, and the first of its kind in the country to receive the prestigious “World’s Finest Clubs” award in 2011.

Offering a unique fusion of music, gourmet food, and fashion, the club is a chic hangout for models, stylists, photographers, and makeup artists.

Furnished with sparkling décor and mood lighting, F-bar features a large dance floor, open terrace, restaurant, private room, and lounge, to accommodate the need of every guest.


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  • 03-3586-6383

Employing a troupe of Top DJ’s and performing artists, guests can expect to be entertained throughout the night at F-Bar. With restaurant facilities as well as a dance floor, the club serves delicious food into the late evening, with dinner guests invited to join the party after dining, without paying an additional entrance fee.

Unique to the club, latest fashion news emits from television screens, while the collaborating music pervades the overall atmosphere of the nightclub. With colourful interiors, comfortable fixtures, and a selection of exotic cocktails, F-Bar has become a hotspot for international jetsetters.

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