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EY Family Office – Preserving wealth through generations

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Posted September 28, 2014 by GC Privé Web Admin in Insights

After I’m gone, how much of my family’s wealth will be left for my children?” Entrepreneurs have been asking themselves this question for centuries. To preserve and increase its wealth in today’s uncertain economic environment, a family needs to manage it as professionally and systematically as it would the family business itself. And that’s where EY’s services for entrepreneurial families come in.

Our services for families and family offices are a reflection of our broad range of expertise and a symbol of our commitment toward family businesses around the world. Our comprehensive and integrated approach helps family offices to structure their wealth and preserve it for future generations. We also give independent advice to entrepreneurial families as they take important decisions and help them to identify and manage risks at an early stage.

As an entrepreneurial family, you have to make important decisions. Some will have far-reaching consequences for your family’s financial future. Whether you are deciding on a long-term investment strategy, or considering setting up a foundation, your dedicated EY contact person will help you debate all the issues from economic, tax, legal and strategic perspectives. You can also count on our support to help you choose external service providers.

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