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Exhibition: Diamonds, A Jubilee celebration at Buckingham Palace

Diamonds have been evident in the works worn British monarchs for over 200 years.  This summer an exhibition at Buckingham Palace will honoring various works crafted containing over 10,000 diamonds in total.

The exhibition includes a range of the Queen’s personal jewels, including the Diadem crown that she is seen wearing on many portraits and postage stamps. Curator Caroline de Guitaut spoke of the Diadem crown:

‘This is a very, very familiar jewel’.  ‘It was originally for the coronation of George IV, which took place in 1821, but it’s very closely associated with Queen Elizabeth II.’ ‘She wore it on a journey from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey for her own coronation in 1953 and she’s also worn it to and from the palace of Westminster for every single state opening of her reign since 1952,’ she added.

Many of the diamonds have also undergone a number of transformations such as being re-cut or incorporated into new settings.  This exhibition will reveal how many of these diamonds have undergone such transformations throughout history.

Other highlights include items made from the world’s largest diamond, the ‘Cullinan’ diamond, named after the owner of the mine in South Africa where it was discovered in 1905.

The diamonds will be on show from June 30 to July 31 to October 7, during the palace’s summer opening.

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