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Exclusive Luxury Supercar: Lamborghini Reventon


Luxurious is one word to describe this car, exclusive would be another, and that is due in large part to the cool 1.3 million dollar price tag, as well as the fact that only twenty of the cars have been produced. However, the makers aren’t worried as the car has already been eagerly welcomed by private buyers; with all the technological advantages it offers as well as the sleek exterior it’s certainly not hard to see why.

The inside of the car gives drivers a similar experience to what it’s like to sit in a cockpit and that is very much the impression evoked by the exterior as well. All twenty cars come in the same colour that has been described as a ‘mid-opaque grey without the usual shine’. Inspiration for the design came from ‘the fastest airplanes’ and the speed of the car has actually been measured by comparing it to a Panavia Tornado fighter plane. There is currently only one Lamborghini Reventon that has made it over to England, making it an extremely lucrative investment because of its stunning design and exclusivity.

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