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Exclusive Dinner Service sets a new world record at Christie’s

An extensive 184-piece Dinner Service has set a new world-record at Christie’s this month.

The Leinster Service sold for £1.7 million in the Kings Street auction house, having attracted a lot of attention from international collectors. Made by the Royal Goldsmith George Wickes in the mid 18th century, the set surprisingly remains intact and in good condition. 70 dinner plates, 18 soup plates, 29 dishes and 4 candlesticks give a small taste of what the Dinner Service has to offer in terms of grandeur and luxury.

It is no wonder that the Dinner Service is fit for fine-dining. Originally belonging to James FitzGerald, the 20th Earl of Kildare, the set has links to the aristocracy and therefore caters to their affluent lifestyle. Items are designed in the Rococo style which was popular at the time due to its light-hearted and delicate approach.

In essence, the dining table can be covered with bright shiny silver pieces and mesmerised guests in the 18th century as much as last month’s buyers at Christie’s. Silver was an expensive metal at the time and the Earl of Kildare probably bought the service for £4000; a seemingly mere sum now. However 250 years later, the world record price demonstrates that this luxury Dinner set is still an impressive feat of design in terms of its elegance and rarity.

Christie’s auctioned the Leinster Service as part of their annual Exceptional Sale, which showcases the finest furniture, sculpture and porcelain.


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