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Edra’s Diamond Collection: Furniture shimmering in Swarovski crystals

Italian company Edra takes luxury interior design to a whole new level with its Diamond Collection. Lovers of these precious jewels will be mesmerised by the glittering abundance of Swarovski gems to be found in everyday items such as sofas and armchairs and will feel like their home is instantly shimmering in light.

Artistic director Massimo Morozzi adds a wealth of experience to the company and is especially known for his innovative designs. The Diamond Getsuen takes the familiar model of an armchair but adds something totally different to make it stand out from the crowd. Not only is it shaped like an attractive and beautiful flower, but it is also decorated in sparkling diamonds and is full of polyurethane foam to ensure that you’re sitting comfortably.

Another prised possession is the Flap Diamond Sofa. Again, a sleek and cleverly thought-out shape appeals to anyone wanting a relaxing afternoon at home and movable parts allows you to lounge at whatever angle best suits you.

Due to its success, the Flap Gold Diamond Sofa was released to celebrate its 10th anniversary. With only a limited number being made, this sofa has become the ultimate item in the Diamond Collection and glows in gold laminated leather. Fifty-thousand Swarovski ‘Golden Shadow’ crystals finish off this one-of-a-kind piece of furniture and craftsmen make use of the revolutionary ‘rose pin’ technique in order to set the gemstones directly onto the leather.

The Diamond Collection brings to mind the tale of King Midas who could instantly turn everything to gold and although his ability (and curse) is just a myth, his special touch can be partially achieved in homes today to demonstrate exceptional wealth and the ultimate lifestyle.


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