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Eden by Ego Paris: The Outdoor Floating Bed

Nights sleeping under the stars can now be done in style on this elegantly designed floating bed produced by Ego Paris.  This beautiful concept furniture piece can help you provide the most relaxing and idyllic setting for a good night’s sleep.   

Ego Paris has a commitment towards a manufacturing excellence through the use of noble materials and attention to detail in their designs.  From the welding stage of production through to assembly and finish, the best of traditional French Craftsmanship techniques go towards producing pieces even for the most demanding of outdoor settings. With dimensions of 300 x 215 x 62cm, this bed is a good size for use in outdoor pools. 

The bed frame and backrest are both cast in aluminium and lacquered with a choice of 16 colour finishes to suit your taste.   The elegant optional baldaquin is produced with outdoor fabric to provide a quality product suitable for outdoor use.  This Ego Paris design aims to transform and accentuate the atmosphere for any occasion.

Ego Paris have been running since 2004 and in this time have been directed by three brothers who have the shared vision of an experience that is both human and industrial in the heart of the Beaujolais region.  Ego Paris designs are made to reflect the philosophy  ‘to be irreplaceable, you have to be different’ by expressing the unusual, but complimentary designs.


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