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Ecco on Snow, Saint-Moritz


Ecco on Snow is located in the hills above Lake Maggiore in the luxury Hotel Giardino Mountain. The Michelin Guide awarded Chef Rolf Fliegauf two Michelin star for Ristorante Ecco on Snow located in Saint-Moritz.This crowns Chef Fliegauf the youngest and only chef in Switzerland with a total of four Michelin stars to his name, as the humble age of 32.

The quality, taste and texture of each dish surpassed all expectations, as did the presentation and the creativeness of the chefs, the thought which went to creating each dish with the chosen ingredients.

Ecco on Snow

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Chef Rolf Fliegauf spoils his diners with a tradition of fine cuisine, hospitability and a truly breath-taking gourmet dishes. Master Chef Fliegauf serves up cuisines full of taste, texture and quality. Ecco on Snow prides on a unique concept where diners create their own personalised three-to-eight course meal from an innovative menu. Upon request, diners are also accompanied on a “wine trip”, where the sommelier selects a glass to compliment with each stunning course.

The interior of Ecco on Snow creates a romantic setting, nestled within a serine space of gold-leaf walls, hand-blown crystal chandeliers and modern baroque furniture. The design of the luxury restaurant creates a dreamlike atmosphere within the beautiful Hotel Giardino Mountain. The service is impeccable where staff are attentative, friendly and bring a warm feel to Ecco on Snow; just enriching the full five-star fine dining experience Saint-Moritz has to offer.

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