Doha Élite

Doha is the cultured, twenty-first century capital of Qatar, an emerging international force and a global investment powerhouse. In just a few decades, Doha has transformed into a stunning modern metropolis.

In Doha, the past serves as the foundation for the future, and unprecedented wealth has spurred quantum leaps of progress in modern times.

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Quantum Leaps in Modern Times & A Cultural Renaissance

Celebrated as an emerging hotspot for global art, sport and leisure, Doha is at the forefront of a cultural renaissance in the Middle East. One of the main cultural focuses of Doha is the Museum of Islamic Art, an architectural treasure trove designed by renowned architect I.M Pei that houses the largest collection of Islamic arts and artefacts in the world. The cubist pyramid form of the museum is in itself an artistic marvel, yet once inside the museum, exhibits feature masterpieces of Islamic ceramics, metalwork, jewellery, textiles and glass originating from three continents and dating back as early as the seventh century.

Renowned as the ‘Arabian Riviera’, The Pearl Qatar is the most exclusive address in the Middle East, providing a unique living and cultural experience on an island of reclaimed land twenty kilometres north of Doha. Integrating the best of Qatar’s past and present in the form of a private and luxurious island retreat, visitors of The Pearl can embrace the Riviera-style atmosphere of the marina whilst browsing the upscale retail environment which boasts a selection of the world’s most coveted designer brands.

Since holding the largest Asian Games in history in 2006, Sport has become a prominent feature on Doha’s cultural calendar with a range of world-class sports venues hosting top sporting events each year. One of the most prominent events is the Qatar Masters PGA golf tournament held at the prestigious Doha Golf club, where the challenging desert-style course designed by Peter Harradine attracts professional golfers and enthusiasts from around the world. One of the most significant sporting events planned for Qatar is the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which has already made sporting history as the first World Cup to be hosted by a Middle Eastern country. Scheduled to be held in stadiums in cities across Qatar, a series of impressive climate controlled football stadiums are to be built in Doha in preparation for the tournament.

In Doha, the past serves as the foundation for the future, and unprecedented wealth has spurred quantum leaps of progress in modern times. The process of international synthesis that shapes Doha today has precedents dating back thousands of years, however since Qatar joined the ranks of the world’s wealthiest and most advanced nations in the late twentieth century, little early Qatari history remains evident in the city of Doha.

Whilst remnants of the old town are scarce, fortresses on the edge of the city are the main relics of traditional architecture and way of life in Qatar. Built in 1880 during the Ottoman occupation, the Al Koot museum at Doha Fort preserves Doha’s heritage by presenting exhibitions of traditional handicrafts, historical photographs and artwork depicting the daily life of the local Qatari people. Major recent plans to develop culture and sports for the future have seen Qatar undergo a dramatic transformation, and following the recent appointment of new leader crown prince Sheikh Tamim, Qatar is entering a new era of progression. Inspired by a younger generation and thriving from the revenue of its countries natural resources, Doha continues to innovate its cityscape and infrastructure, cementing its status as a cultural and economic superpower.

Glamorous Evening Entertainment

Doha’s nightlife is centred around its high-class hotels, with sophisticated bars providing visitors with glamorous evening entertainment. For lively DJ sets, creative signature cocktails and chic interior design, the Crystal at W Doha Hotel is a must for glamorous jetsetters visiting Doha. With special events held most nights, there is no better place to be seen than sparkling beneath the Baccarat ‘Zenith’ chandelier surrounded by Doha’s rich and famous.

Jazz at Lincoln Centre is a world-renowned jazz club which hosts an extensive array of star-studded jazz artists all year round. Located at the St. Regis hotel and famed as the home of Jazz in the Middle East, Jazz at Lincoln Centre provides vibrant musical performances to keep you entertained throughout the night.

Perched high on the fifteenth floor of the La Cigale Hotel, Sky View Bar is a shimmering outdoor lounge offering tantalizing night-time views of Doha. Serving an enthralling selection of inventive cocktails to the beat of cool house music, the enchanting atmosphere of Sky View attracts Doha’s most stylish crowd.

Rich Gastronomic Diversity

Doha’s rich cultural diversity is reflected in its eclectic selection of upmarket restaurants that serve the finest fusions of international gastronomy. The Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Doha is a theatre of the senses providing the ultimate avant-garde dining experience to revive the palette. Inspired by an English manor house surrounded by a winter landscape, the refined atmosphere of the restaurant is welcoming and understated, enhancing the intense flavours and textures of the experimental cuisine.

Inspired by the cultural heritage of the Middle East, Market is Jean-Georges’ signature restaurant in Doha. The restaurant serves international cuisine with Arabian flavours to delight the most sophisticated of gourmands. Presenting locally-sourced dishes from a show kitchen inspired by the Mediterranean, the dining space is warm and convivial, featuring jars of spices, fruits and curios from around the world.

La Mer specialises in Modern French Cuisine with a twist, as chefs enliven traditional Parisian recipes with Japanese and Cantonese flavours. Situated at the top of the twenty-three story Ritz-Carlton Hotel, La Mer encompasses panoramic views of the Gulf, with an elegantly designed interior in which to enjoy classical dining in its finest form.

Innovative Comfort and Sophistication

Doha is a forward-thinking city and its luxury hotels encapsulate the perfect balance of traditional service and innovative comfort. The Four Seasons Hotel is a stunning combination of comfort, service and beauty, blending modern luxury with classic charm. Boasting a private beach and marina as well as a three-storey Spa and Wellness Centre and comprehensive business facilities, the Four Seasons is a relaxing resort for both pleasure seekers and business travellers. For an extra special stay, the Royal Suite is truly one of a kind, offering palatial standards of living space with breathtaking 360-degree views of the Arabian Gulf.