Private Concierge | Nightlife & Dining

private concierge
Only nightspots that matter

GC Privé works closely with the finest nightspots to satisfy the needs of our discerning clients in terms of privacy, level of service and entertainment factor.
Whether you are looking to entertain your clients or simply have a fabulous night-out at the most exclusive private members clubs, our nightlife specialists can recommend and make all necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Celebrate life and enjoy privileged access to secret events and celebrity parties as well as guest lists and table reservation services as part of our concierge suite.

Dining at its finest

Whether you are looking for a last minute table reservation or planning an important business meal, our concierge specialists can make all necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Our close relationship with established restaurants and new openings worldwide allow us to offer an impressive level of priority booking services as well as exclusive benefits.

Decadent surroundings, the finest wines and exquisite dining are guaranteed on every occasion.

Uncompromising luxury

Discover uncompromising luxury and benefit from our priority reservation services at the world’s most exclusive restaurants and night clubs.

GC Privé will take care of bookings at the finest restaurants wherever you happen to be in the world and provide access to the most thrilling events and parties that really matter.

Expect the most luxurious venues, finest cuisine, entertainment and glamour from a truly world class bespoke service.