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D.O.M., São Paulo


Hidden away in Jardim Paulista is Domus Optimo Maximo (D.O.M.), one of South America’s best fine dining venues. It is the brainchild of Alex Atala and is the place to sample Brazil’s premier haute cuisine.

The combination of ingredients known and unknown to the general public makes the menu intriguing. Each dish is brilliantly thought out and is a treat for all of the senses. Experiment with some of the unique produce, the country’s best-kept secrets, and prepare yourself for a magnificent feast.

At the forefront of this establishment is its primary value; deliver the best of Brazilian cuisine using Brazilian ingredients. Chef Atala has trawled through the Amazon to extract the rainforest’s most exotic and punchy flavours including aromatic root priprioca and the rich baru nut.


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His resulting menu is innovative and truly one of a kind. He pioneered the acai berry in the early days, highlighting his killer instinct for ingredients.

Reservations are made months in advance, stressing the restaurant’s position in the culinary world. Receiving the accolade of sixth best restaurant in the world (2013), Atala and his team continue to pave the way for sustainable consumption of the Amazon’s resources. Their support of small producers is reason enough to dine here to promote Brazil’s self sufficiency.

The elegant dishes served in a setting that combines modern, sleek design with carefully sourced materials creates an understated, guest orientated environment. D.O.M. offers a wonderfully unique experience that is highly regarded within the industry; be sure to stop here and eat like a King whilst also giving back to the community.

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