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Crème de la Mer, Moisturising Cream

Product Description

The world famous Marine derived cream needs no introduction. The ultimate repairing and anti-ageing treatment formulated by scientist Dr Max Huber, this super luxurious cream is a Beautique bestseller and industry favourite. With use, skin appears smoother, lines and wrinkles are reduced in appearance and even the driest complexions are soothed on contact. Its benefits speak for themselves and continue to generate loyal devotees around the world.

Crème de la Mer source’s the highest quality of raw materials and stringently conduct the time-intensive and complex process needed to create Crème de la Mer. There is used a form of sea kelp which is sustainably hand harvested helping to maintain its native ecosystem. The kelp is also only harvested at specific times of the year when it is in its most nutrient rich state, once shipped overnight on dry ice to The Max Huber Research Labs, the sea kelp is combined with other key ingredients. These ingredients then go through a lengthy 3-4 month biofermentation process. In addition, a unique extract, The Lime Tea, derived from hand peeled limes and processed for 4 to 6 weeks, is incorporated into each Crème. The scientists rigorously evaluate the activity of each batch of Miracle Broth™, and if our high standards are not attained, the batch is discarded and we start again.

Because of the intricate and artisanal process that goes into making each jar, which is still hand filled to this day, only small quantities of Crème de la Mer can be produced at a time.

Purchase Details

Crème de la Mer, Crème de le Mer Moisturising Cream, 60ml: £180.00.



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