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Courtyard Terrace, Bahamas


Courtyard Terrace is sophisticated and elegant, nestled on the North of the beautiful Paradise Island, and affiliated with Atlantis Resort. Those who dine here can do so around a candle-lit fountain pool, sampling gourmet cuisine and exotic cocktails in a romantic, peaceful setting.

Courtyard Terrace is best experienced as the sun sets, and dishes served under a canopy of stars.Courtyard Terrace boasts an impressive and extensive menu including appetisers of Roasted Sesame Scallop served with Mint Couscous Salad and Lime and Sumac Vinaigrette. Another option is House-made Veal Pastrami served with Roasted Eggplant Salad, Baked Garlic, Pesto Marinated Cherry Tomato and Red Bell Pepper Oil.

Courtyard Terrace

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Guests at the Atlantic Resort can indulge in entrées of Lobster served with White Asparagus, Zucchini and Sun-dried Tomatoes, or perhaps sample Black Angus Strip loin Beef served with Grilled Vegetables and Fingerling Potato. The restaurant’s recipes are concocted by highly-acclaimed executive Chef Erik Gremmer, whose dishes have received consistently impressive reviews throughout his career, making Courtyard Terrace truly Bahamian fine dining at its best.

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