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Convert your Basement into a Luxurious Home Cinema

Basement cinema: The perfect place to watch movies, spots and play games.

This room was created 100% in house by Finite Solutions as a no compromise solution to show our clients just how good home cinema can be by delivering the very best picture and sound quality possible. Starting life as two small damp cellars the two rooms were knocked in to one and excavated 4 feet deeper then lined with a tanking material to create a space 7 meters by 5 meters.

The room includes reference quality Runco professional LED projection on to a 10 foot wide acoustically transparent screen just like a real cinema with 7.2 channel digital surround sound delivered via B&W speakers, and Rotel and Lexicon electronics built in to the fabric of the room. The curved front walls either side of the screen and acoustic panels create the perfect acoustic environment to enjoy surround sound to its optimum whilst reclining on one of the 6 electric leather cinema seats.

An iPad or iPhone provides instant simple control over the entire room from the movie system to the lights, air conditioning and monitoring of the external CCTV and perimeter alarm system in the wider property so you never miss a visitor or an intruder for that matter!

A simple touch of my iphone on my way home turns on the system, selects the lighting scene I like, and sets the room temperature so upon arrival I simply have to select a movie from the Kaleidescape Movie server housing over 1000 DVD’s and Blu-Rays.

Hidden Cinema A formal lounge with hidden cinema system.

Finite Solutions goal with this room was to deliver a high performance movie system that when not in use was completely invisible. We are delighted by how the room turned out as literally not technology is visible when you don’t need it. Simply pressing the T icon our iPad slides back the central padded suede panels and fills the gap with a 50″ Led TV for day to day TV watching which silently moves forward to fill the exact gap left by the suede panels.

Whilst this is fine for day to day TV the screen simply isn’t big enough for movie so a press of the movie button activates the hidden cinema room and a projector descends from the ceiling at the rear of the room, a projector screen drop down in front of the TV, the black our blinds close and the lights dim instantly creating a high quality home cinema!

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