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Chanel’s Pop-Up Beauty Boutique in the Heart of Covent Garden

In celebration of Britain’s big year of the Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics, Chanel found a different way to celebrate – they chose to open the doors to a pop-up boutique in the heart of Covent Garden, their first stand alone beauty store.

This shop is the host to an abundance of fun, style and excitement until December. The opening of the store saw mime artists enticing customers into the store, whilst dripping in beautiful Chanel jewels, if that wasn’t  enticing enough step into the store and you will find exclusive beauty products which will surely delight any customer.

In addition to the latest beauty products to be found in the store, Chanel have created a whole selection of fun activities to entertain the punters. Some of the highlights include: Chanel treasure hunt; education workshops; an outdoor area that will recreate the look and atmosphere of being backstage at one of the label’s catwalk shows and much, much more.

Chanel launched their September “game” in the form of 25 Chanel taxis in iconic nail and lip shades that will be roaming the streets of central London with special treats inside for beauty lovers. If you hail one of these seriously swanky cabs and say, “Chanel at Covent Garden”, you will immediately be whisked away to the pop-up Boutique where you will be offered a complimentary make-over or manicure serviced, followed by £25 to spend on your favourite Chanel make up products from the beauty boutique.

This genius idea aims to hit beauty fiends straight in the heart and have you chasing down the next multi-coloured cab you see. This particular Chanel game is available until 17th September, so get on the look out!


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