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Cernobbio Ristorante II Gatto Nero, Lake Como


Situated in a secluded part of Lake Como, Cernobbio Ristorante Il Gatto Nero, otherwise known as the Black Cat, is an exclusive restaurant that boasts an exquisite menu, beautiful décor and elite clientèle.

The charming restaurant, surrounded by spectacular scenery, combines delicious Italian cuisine with an exclusive environment.

The elegant atmosphere that mirrors the stunning views is accompanied by a rich and elaborate menu of Mediterranean origin. Frequented by an array of elite international guests, Cernobbio Ristorante II Gatto Nero has a reputation for excellence.

Ristorante II Gatto Nero

  • Ristorante II Gatto Nero
  • Reservations
  • +33 31 51 20 42

The restaurant’s convivial atmosphere caters to friendly encounters, being locally known as the perfect meeting place due to its easily found location. Signature dishes include Risotto with Asparagus and Prawns as well as Puff Pastry with Truffle Shavings. For diners seeking to celebrate a special occasion, embark upon a romantic excursion, or just enjoy an exceptional experience, the Black Cat, is the perfect venue.

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